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Secret Audio: Chris Brown Gets Owned on Radio (Q94)

April 30, 2010

lol, he didn’t know he was being recorded.


Corniest Man on Twitter

April 10, 2010

This is Ryan, Katstacks Ex-Manager…How the hell do you get FIRED by KATSTACKS?

Click the picture to view the video

Katstacks = Bipolar [Mad @Angelayee]

April 8, 2010

April 7th Katstacks did an interview with Angela Yee (Shade45) and it seemed everything went well, until I saw this.

Katstacks said the last emails supposedly from her were fake because it didn’t say “”…

What’s your excuse now?

Angela Yee: Katstacks interview

Self racism

April 7, 2010

Click the picture for uncensored version

Saft sign fail.

April 4, 2010