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Recording Artist uses Stolen Credit Cards

April 9, 2010

Last week it came to our attention that (independent) artist JEFFREY KYEI aka ‘BigPage‘ has been using stolen credit cards to purchase clothing and beats online.

When ARG asked Bigpage’s manager ‘Darren Pereira’ about the accusations he pretended he didn’t know what we were talking about.

So, we’ve figured out how the operation works and who’s behind it.

Rasheed Yekeen, an accountant from Nigeria sends the Credit Card #’s to

Here you see the list of Credit Card’s sent by Yekeen.

Here you see Alex Bonde’s Credit Card used to make a $776.00 purchase.

March 31st via Twitter; BigPage basically admits to the accusations (As you can see below)

In late March Bigpage released documents that suggest rapper Aubrey Graham aka Drake filed a police report against him for attempted robbery (As you can see below)