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Words of a “Good” Mother by Kat Stacks

May 4, 2010

Roasted: Kat Stacks Gets Destroyed!!

April 25, 2010



Jay Rock Falls for the Kat Stacks Trap

April 24, 2010

I told him not to tweet her..thats EXACTLY what you get! lol

Kat Stacks Replys to Gudda Gudda

April 23, 2010


Explained: Why we care about Kat Stacks

April 21, 2010

* I’m speaking from a Blogger/Site Owners point of view

Andrea (Kat Stacks) is what I would call a temporary asset. Basically, she good for hits.

She doesn’t have a complicated method..fuck a celebrity (preferably a rapper), wait til he/she does something to piss her off, then give out the phone number and explicit details of what happened in the “relationship”. Simple right?

Personally, I could care less about Andrea’s promiscuity with celebrities, but if it’s going to generate hits which generates revenue, you better believe I’ll post it.

* For the Record:

  • About 75% of what Andrea says is a lie.
  • She never slept with Nelly
  • She doesn’t like Angela Yee
  • This time next year she won’t be relevant